Sep  October 2017
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Saturday, Oct 21, 2017   
Award Winner
AK-47  Cyber Gaming (99 kills with ak47)
AUG  Vаlkyrie WasёmA (53 kills with aug)
AWP  Mr.Wolf (133 kills with awp)
Bowie Knife  Superst★rS MaSaDa (1 kills with bowie knife)
Butterfly Knife  MaTpacuk (1 kills with butterfly knife)
CZ75A  Hell (16 kills with cz75a)
Desert Eagle  Cyber Gaming (55 kills with deagle)
Dual Berettas  PC (2 kills with elite)
Falchion Knife  joker_mgdn (3 kills with falchion)
FAMAS  1NEXT1 (7 kills with famas)
Five-SeveN  One Shot (30 kills with fiveseven)
Galil AR  Азиат♥kaz (9 kills with galilar)
Glock-18  name9 (5 kills with glock)
High Explosive Grenade  Hell (6 kills with hegrenade)
Huntsman Knife  One Shot (1 kills with tactical knife)
Karambit  Racket∞ (4 kills with karambit)
Kill Assists  SessiS (59 kill assists)
Knife  стенкаблябуду (3 kills with knife)
Longest Kill Streak  Hell (15 kills)
Longest Play Time  SessiS (10:44:54h hours)
M249  TG (2 kills with m249)
M4A1-S  Only2p KiLLeRShoT (80 kills with m4a1-s)
M4A4  Sentry AVG (40 kills with m4a4)
M9 Bayonet  Alexander1 (2 kills with m9-bayonet)
MAC-10  Lars™ (2 kills with mac10)
MAG-7  User (1 kills with mag7)
Most Damage  Cyber Gaming (38,452 damage)
Most Deaths  SessiS (231 deaths)
Most Headshots  Cyber Gaming (181 headshots)
Most Improved Player  Velos (1,340 points gained)
Most Kills  Cyber Gaming (292 kills)
Most Suicides  [ЧИТЕРЫ]Айдар (3 suicides)
MP7  Peredoz29 (12 kills with mp7)
MP9  kepkin/123 (4 kills with mp9)
Negev  mohamed nait (6 kills with negev)
Nova  Peredoz29 (20 kills with nova)
P2000  Fedel (4 kills with hkp2000)
P250  BUNNY Rissia (10 kills with p250)
P90  fisher (46 kills with p90)
PP-Bizon  Aberkan (4 kills with bizon)
R8 Revolver  Peredoz29 (16 kills with revolver)
Sawed-Off  Peredoz29 (1 kills with sawedoff)
SG 553  Фараон (53 kills with sg556)
SSG 08  *Tamagoch* (21 kills with ssg08)
Tec-9  kimson12 (13 kills with tec9)
Top Defuser  joker_mgdn (4 bomb defusions)
Top Demolitionist  RED (12 bomb plantings)
UMP-45  fisher (2 kills with ump45)
USP-S  MaRiXuAnA (3 kills with usp-s)
XM1014  Peredoz29 (51 kills with xm1014)
Zeus x27  SWAGGER (1 kills with taser)